• Cloud County Health Center Board of Trustees
  • Concordia, Kansas 66901
  • October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020

  • Phil Gilliland - Chairperson
  • Kurt Kocher - Vice Chair
  • Chuck Lambertz - Secretary
  • Amy Lange - Treasurer
  • Sister Jean Rosemarynoski
  • JoAnne Balthazor
  • Quentin Breese
  • Darell Gallegos
  • Justin Poore, DO - Chief of Staff
  • Darrel Hosie
  • Ashley Hutchinson
  • Kent Otott
  • Robb Rosenbaum
  • David Garnas, Administrator

Basic Board Roles
Management is responsible for the day-to-day tasks of running the hospital. The board delegates the day-to-day management to the Cloud County Health Center CEO. The Cloud County Health Center CEO and the senior management team is guided, but not directed, by the governing board. They lead the hospital's staff to carry out the mission and vision that has been developed and approved by the governing board. The roles and responsibilities of the governing board involves everything from ensuring the cost-effective utilization of resources to determining the hospital's mission, and establishing a long-range strategic plan to help attain that mission. The board has primary responsibility in six key areas:

  • Ensuring the achievement of the hospital's mission, vision and strategic direction.
  • Ensuring quality and patient safety.
  • Building strong board/CEO relationships.
  • Providing informed and effective financial leadership and oversight.
  • Advocating for the hospital's interests, and building strong community relations.
  • Medical staff credentialing.