Anticoagulation Clinic

Cloud County Health Center is using the CoaguChek XS machine which is the latest technology in anticoagulation therapy. With this machine, a finger stick is all that is needed to obtain your INR results. This process is similar to obtaining a blood sugar level. The results are accurate and fast.

What happens once you are enrolled in the Anticoagulation Clinic?

Once your physician submits an enrollment form the RN will call and set up your first appointment. During your first visit patient education begins and therapy will be discussed at to your diagnosis, Coumadin dose, Vitamin K effects, and medication interactions. Next, your INR will be checked by a simple finger stick. Your Coumadin dose will be adjusted according to the protocol for your INR goal. Then your next INR appointment will be made according to protocol.

Why choose the Anticoagulation Clinic program?

By using the Anticoagulation Clinic you can:

  • Obtain your INR results by a simple finger stick
  • Have your results and Coumadin adjustment within minutes
  • Continuous education on anticoagulation at each visit
  • Work one-on-one with the Anticoagulation Clinic RN
  • Minimize complications regarding your anticoagulation therapy
  • Patient education on medications and drug interactions
  • Location: 3rd Floor
  • Phone: 243-1234 ext 337
  • Available: By appointment date/time